Insurance Disputes and Insurance Claims

You’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums for years and have never made a claim. Then, when an unfortunate event finally occurs and you need the protection you have paid for, your claim is denied. Insurance disputes are difficult and many consumers are shocked when they discover that some insurance companies have internal policies that require routine denial of legitimate claims.

Insurance companies doing business in Tennessee are required to honor the promises made in their insurance policies. Bad faith arises when an insurer fails to honor its contractual obligations to policyholders. Bad faith behavior can include delay tactics, refusal to pay for a covered loss or expense, or requiring a policyholder to provide an unreasonable amount of documentation to support a claim.

If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith, please call us or complete our brief free case evaluation form for a free and thorough review of your case. You may be able to recover your policy benefits.

Also, if you win your dispute, the insurance company will be required by law to pay your attorney fees and court costs. In extreme cases of bad faith, the court may also award damages in excess of policy limits.

We can assist you with disputes involving automobile, health, homeowners, general risk and liability, and medical and disability income claims.

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